Classic and modern car upholstery. Let us recreate a 100% original feel and quality of your classic car’s interior using the same style, pattern and quality leather, leatherette and textiles as they once did in the factory. 

The complete interior restoration includes the door panels, the sides, the dashboard, the floor carpets, the boot carpets, the roof lining, the controls (steering wheel, hand brake, gear stick) as well as the seats. 

The internal structures of the seats do not escape our attention either, we restore and rebuild the entire seat structure with authentic factory technology and materials.

At request, we manufacture car covers, as well as tool cases and spare wheel covers.

Whenever possible, we always use factory samples, patterns and materials, be it leather, leatherette, textiles or any other kind of material for car upholstery. 


Shall you be interested or have any further questions, please e-mail us at wsc@wsclassics.com  or call +36 20 494 0183.