Wheel Restoration

Complete rim restoration and repair like alloy wheel, steel wheel and hubcap for classic cars. The wheels of your vintage vehicle get age-appropriate and type-specific, yet professionally renewed look.  Durability is ensured by modern technology! 


Surface cleaning, removal of previous paint and sinter layers.

Rim repair

Repair of small damages and cracks.

Rim renovation

Factory restoration, complete aesthetic and structural renovation.


Correction on turning-machine.

Flow forming

Repair of structural deformations.


Repairing curb crash, scrapes and filling gouges.


Durable painting and more aesthetic exterior profesionally in painting chamber.

Powder coating

Electrostatically applied powder coating and cured under heat in a curing owen. This method provides better performance and durability. The surface can last up to three times longer than the traditional painting work and better for the environment.


Cleaning, renovation and re-chrome plating of wheels and rim screws.

Painting crest

Wheel caps with hand painted emblems and logos.

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